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October 21, 2022

We start this Friday with breaking news out of the United Kingdom, where British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned after just 6 weeks in the role, making her the UK’s shortest-serving leader ever.   Truss’s resignation is shaking up a country that has already had significant shifts within power following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.   And, we follow-up our coverage out of Iran exactly where journalists are finding it difficult to report on ongoing protests inside the country where the particular Iranian government has been accused of suppressing free speech.


1. In California, what animal is now being used to help fight wildfires by eating dry brush?

2 . Last week, a report found that will high school seniors scored the lowest scores on this exam since 1991. What is the name of that examination?

3. What is the name associated with China’s president who, after a two-hour speech this past Sunday, is likely to retain power for an unprecedented third term.

4. This week, CNN correspondent Nic Robertson took us on an underground tour of a city that has more than 5, 000 bunkers to protect its citizens. What country is this underground city in?

5. What is the title of the particular popular K-Pop band that announced this week that they would be doing their mandatory military service in South Korea?

6. A cargo plane landing in Florida last weekend is one of the only planes capable of transporting space equipment. Very best name of the type associated with whale that cargo plane is named after?

7. A drought within the Mississippi River recently unveiled a ship that will sunk in what century?

8. What will be the animal that the robot waiter is based off of at Dimmer and Summer, a new Brooklyn-based dumpling restaurant?

9. What is usually the acronym for the Saudi Arabia-led group of which controls much of the particular world’s oil exports?

10. Felix Baumgartner recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary regarding his record-breaking skydive. How many miles into the sky did he jump from?

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